We provide remote sensing and aerial imagery services for various industries and individuals around FIji Islands and beyond

Harnessing drones and information technology

For Real Estate Industry

Complete package of high quality marketing materials

From aerial video footage and photo images to interactive maps, project websites and online presentations we bring exposure that grabs attention of the right audience.

Digitize survey plan papers

We take old fashioned surveyor plans of land boundaries and subdivisions and digitize them. The use cases for digital, geographically referenced boundaries are trully endless. One of the basic ones, we accurately overlay boundaries and subdivisions over zoomable interactive maps, placing them without guessing, exactly according to their geographical coordinates that were surveyed.

There are no fixed rates as every project is unique and different in requirements, scale and complexity. Please use contact details at the bottom of this page if you need solid marketing and digital support for your real estate portfolio.


For Real Estate Developers

Complete package of specialised aerial footage materials compilled with aerial mapping and geospatial documentation including georeferenced photo plans, digital surface and terrain models, elevation contours, 3D terrain models and reconstruction.

We also provide regular construction and development site progress monitoring logged and documented in chronological order for weekly or monthly review by stakeholders so they always stay well informed and have up to date objective data, that accurately reflects and documents the progress of development.

For Government Agencies and Law Enforcement

We detect and document land encroachments, illegal waste dumping, illegal logging, squatter settlements. Please do get in touch for more details.

For Land Owners

Along with complete aerial mapping service we also provide easy to use tools to work with your property maps. Do it yourself. Measure it, subdivide it, make layout plans and then save them in PDF, georeferenced vector and graphic formats ready to use by licensed surveyors, civil engineers and planners.

If you have old paper plans and maps, we digitise them, enance and bring into the 21st century together with the tools that you can use to do you own planning, measurements or simply share with your contractors geospatial data they need.

For Farmers

We help farmers to bring full information about their land, the health of their plants, their animals and their harvest forecasts right to their fingertips.