Construction and development progress tracking and inspections

Better once to see than a hundred times to hear

It is invaluable for key stakeholders, who are abroad or not able to visit the site themselves, to understand first hand of "how it's going with the development" without having to ask the contractor "to send some pictures" who might be interested only in sending something they want the boso to see and not what the boso actually needs to see.

We show it all. From above. Always best possible angles, altitudes and directions. Honest as it is. Free of bias and conflicts of interests. The strategic project outlook based on 100% objective information.

This semi-automated, cost efficient, subscription based drone and geospatial service produces consistent, data driven visual reports that easy to understand and share, visualisng and helping to analyse construction and development projects progress.

If you think that is exactly what you might need, feel free to contact us for more information.

In a nutshell

We be coming to your development site regularly or when requested and do a set of independent routine automated drone flights, recording "on the ground" changes, progress in construction and area outlook, stockpile measurements, general state of the site and surroundings resulting in the set of time and position tagged matchable photo, video and geospatial data materials that form easy to understand sets of progress reports and visualised history of changes.

Key benefits for the client

  • As an independent contractor from outside we make sure no conflict of interests involved and no biased information produced
  • Strategic outlook over development process
  • Regular visual and data updates over mission critical project milestones that reflect actual development or construction progress
  • Cost efficient subscription based, precission accurate drone service
  • Flexibility that suits various project sizes and budgets from small private construction to large scale industrial sites
  • Saves time and resources on personal site visits and reduces possible losses from receiving invslid information from the contractor

Who would benefit from such service

Key investors and stakeholders, project managers, site supervisors and decision makers

The reports can be produced on regular basis daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually depends on project schedule and pace. The periodicity of such reports defined by the client.

What is included

  • Regular time interval recording and photographing of visual changes in building and infrastructure construction progress
  • Orthophoto plan (high resolution survey grade accuracy photo map) of the area of interest
  • Detecting and highlighting the changes on the ground withing the boundaries of the area of interest
  • Producing series of aerial images and video reports from various distances, angles and altitudes that could be matched against each other from different periods in time.
  • Optional Digital Surface and Terrain models and textured 3D models of the site.
  • Optional digitizing of visual data for project engineers
  • Optional dedicated project development progress website for keeping the public and shareholders updated in the most efficient way

How it's done

First. We study the project site and analyse the area around it. The first set of reports is the one that takes some extra time for preparation and planning.

Then we do test flights to define the best trajectories, angles, altitudes, approaches, control points and flight boundaries for the best possible result.

During the first stage we also program automated flight missions in such way so next visits would be just routine executions of certain checklists and robotic flights, obtaining visual and geospatial data where views and datasets would be 100% matchable with the previous reports for easy compare and changes tracking.

Once we know the area and everything being set and programmed, we will be coming regularly or upon request to produce updates reports in the most efficient, non obstructive and non invasive way.

All collected data and visuals to be processed and reports generated regularly then shared automatically with the list of designated recepients.

We maintain the history archive of visual aerial reports for the client keeping it secure and confidential.

We do everything smart and highly efficient with lots of programmed procedures involved, making sure such reporting, even done frequently remains highly cost efficient and yelds invaluable development progress information for stakeholders and public.